Saturday, March 26, 2011

November 2010

November didn't quite start off the way we had hoped! Actually things started getting crazy on Oct. 30, when Brooks started coming down with the smallest little cough. He woke up with it, but it was nothing I would ever be concerned about. I put him down for a short nap, because it was late in the afternoon, but I wanted him to get some sleep, because we were going to our ward "trunk or treat" that night. While he was sleeping Chris, Charli and I were getting ready in my bathroom upstairs. I happened to look over at the monitor on my bedside table, and saw the lights going up and down, but didn't hear anything. I decided to go in and check on him, and found him in his crib gasping for air. His lips were turning blue, and he was trying to cry, but he just couldn't get enough air in and out. I grabbed him, ran into my bathroom, got Chris, and was literally ready to call 911, but after a minute of holding him, he calmed down a bit and the color came back into his lips. Needless to say, he needed to go to the ER because he sounded absolutely terrible, and we had no idea what was wrong with him. Chris insisted on taking him, so I stayed with Charli. At the hospital they opened his airway with epinephrine, gave him some steroids, and one or two albuteral treatments. What caused this whole thing, was apparently just the croup. I couldn't believe it when Chris told me, because the croup cough was something I thought all kids get! I know I had it when I was young, and it was NOTHING like this. Apparently Brooks has a very small airway, so when he gets respiratory illnesses they can come on strong and fast, and will present themselves like this!! Scary. Anyways he sounded much better when he came come, and aside from being awake all night from the steroids they gave him, he seemed OK. The next day was Halloween, and they told us if we wanted too, that we should take him out, because the cool air will be good for him, so we did. He sounded OK the whole day, and even after trick-or-treating. But that night, it was the same story all over again. This time at the hospital they admitted him, and Chris and him stayed the night. They monitored him all night long, gave him more treatments, and told us there is really nothing more that can be done, its just a virus that has to run its course!! They came home the next day, and long story short, he coughed for a few more days, but no more scary breathing issues after that:) But it wasn't long after when the flu came around, and all of us got it, one by one, starting with Brooks who was lucky enough to have it for almost 2 weeks! Charli was next, then Chris, and finally me. Luckily with both Chris and I, it only lasted for about 24 hours.

Here is my poor sick little kiddo's watching something on the couch.

Finally on to better topics!!! I thought I'd throw this picture in, because I think you can really see Brooks starting to look a little older here.

Also in November, Chris had the honor of baptizing his little brother Torrin. His other brother Jeff, then confirmed him a member of the church. It was a very special night for everyone involved, and all of us who were able to attend! Afterward we all went back to my mother-in-laws house for dessert, and to celebrate with Torrin. It was so amazing to see him so excited about finally turning 8 so he could be baptized!

We tried to get a picture of all the cousins, and of course Chris's little bros and sisters, and this was one of the best we got! We're missing Jen and Andre's kids, and of course Brian and Katie's little Eddie. Also Kofi, and AJ..... I guess we're missing quite a few! I didn't take any pictures, but we had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with Chris's family at his Mom's house. There were TONS of people, tons of food, crazy kids running wild, and lots of love! Some other things that happened in November were FINALLY getting to see Tangled, which we all loved, Chris and Jeff doing black Friday shopping and waiting outside of Target all night long to get TV's, watching tons of football which I seriously LOVE, and spending lots of time with family. I know I leaving tons out, but that's what I get for waiting until MARCH to update this thing!

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