Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whidbey Island!

Last weekend, despite my skepticism, we very last minute decided to go camping!! I used to love camping when I was little, and my family would go all the time! Sometimes we would even stay for like 3 to 4 days!!!! For some reason as time has gone by, my excitement to sleep on the ground and eat food you cook on a stick over a fire has somewhat declined. How was I gonna go pee 10 times in the middle of the night? It's scary outside when its dark, and I certainly wasn't gonna go by myself! So when Chris kept suggesting this is how we should spend our weekend, you can understand my hesitation. Finally I realized that if we didn't go, all we would be doing was yard work, I packed us up and agreed! All I can say is I'm so glad I did! Literally its was one of the funnest weekends I've had in a long time! Chris's parents have 50 acres on BEAUTIFUL Whidbey Island, complete with their own small lake, 4 wheeler type things (they call them odysseys), all the fishing stuff you could ever need, trampoline, basically you name it, its up there! Not to mention the beach is 2 minutes away, and there's animals (nice ones) everywhere! Just look at this!!

Ok I have to be honest this isn't just any deer. The care taker of the property/ good family friend Bill, found this little dear when she was a tiny baby, and had no mother! He took care of her, and now even though she's still wild, and is completely free to go wherever she wants, she still comes back to see him! She's very friendly, and will even eat right out of your hand! Charli loved it, and is still talking about "Missy" the dear. We also were lucky enough to see cottontail bunnys, owls, cranes, and bald eagles!

I really didn't take as many pictures as I should have (I never do) but this one shows just a tiny little bit of the property, so you can get somewhat of an idea of how beautiful it is. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in a place that is so amazing, green, and FUN!

The girls out for a little paddle boat ride with their dads! Oh yeah, Jeff and Talise decided to come with us too!

Charli holding her first little fishing pole! Mickey Mouse of course. She actually caught a couple fish on her pole, and Chris helped her wind them in!

I figured I'd put this one in, only because I'm ALWAYS the one taking pictures, so I have virtually no pictures of me with Charli! Please excuse my gross rolled up pants and disgusting outfit. Forgive me, we were camping!

The beach was really fun, especially for Charli who loved collecting things in her bucket! I tried to get her to collect shells, but she preferred to grab rocks and crabs! You wouldn't believe how many crabs there were! Every time you lift up a rock, a whole family of them would go running in all directions. Some were really big, and some were soooooo tiny!

Have you ever seen a little crab that small!

Charli doing her thing

This is a really crappy picture of coast line, of course my camera doesn't do it justice at all, but it really is amazing. Oh and I guess my dogs Lola and Callie are there too.

Sweet girls!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh My Charli!

Last night before bed, I found Charli coming out of the bathroom. She was shutting the door, so naturally I tried to go in, to see what she had been doing in there. She pushed me away, and said "No Mommy".
I said, "why can't I go in?"
Charli: "kee-lee go pee-pee"....

Kitty going pee-pee


So another week has come and gone, and with Chris home, we really tried to make the most of it. I always hesitate to say when he's gone, because our blog isn't private yet, and I don't like announcing when I'm here alone. But he got back a week ago from a short 10 day trip, and as always its great to have him home!! Yesterday we decided to go golfing with Chris's brother and his wife Bree, and of course Charli, and they're new baby. I always forget my camera nearly everywhere we go, but not this time! I was determined to get some pictures of our fun time, but apparently no one else thought that was a good idea. I was accused of looking like the paparazzi, hiding in the trees trying to get some action shots, but only because no one would pose for me! We really did have fun although, I golfed terrible as usual, even with all my cheating, and everyone else did really good! here's the only one I got of my hot husband.

Here's our driver, don't mind the homeless hair, sometimes doing her hair just isn't worth the fight. She really had fun riding around in the cart. She kept yelling across the green for us to "sit" and would slap the seat next to her:) I guess I took this picture before she found herself a golfing glove, because she put one on (the best she could) and wouldn't take it off to save her life.

This is a random picture from the night before, but I put it in her, mainly for my own records. On Friday night, after already have a long exhausting evening at "pump it up" (basically a giant room, filled with a bunch of giant bounce houses) Chris thought it would be a good idea to go to a movie..... and take Charli..... we never do this EVER, because anyone who has, knows its a giant waste of money, and you just end up walking the halls, and stuffing your child with as much junk as you can to keep them quiet. But for some crazy reason I agreed, figuring Charli was so exhausted she would hopefully just fall asleep. Welp, she surprised us both! She didn't fall asleep, or run up and down the stairs! She literally sat quietly in her seat, and watched the ENTIRE movie!! Not a peep! She must like Will Farrell as much as her Dad! I'm completely convinced that this was a total fluke, and this will not happen again for years to come, but I just needed to remember this one! Oh, and the fact that as soon as we got there, she managed to dump an entire water bottle on herself, and I had no other clothes for her. I didn't even have a jacket. So I took her shirt off, and she got to wear mine:)