Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mad Cow!!

So the other day, we we headed out for what was supposed to be a happy fun day at the zoo. The last time we went, Charli was in heaven and talked about all the animals for a week after! Needless to say, I was happy to finally have some nice weather and spend a relaxing day with my daughter in her happy place. Welp I was mistaken. My first mistake was deciding to start our trip in the "farm" area of the zoo. We looked at the sleeping goats, and the pigs that didn't move, and I could tell she was hoping for more action. I saw across the way a cow that was standing right up against the fence, so I thought at least I could get her really close, and maybe she could even pet it. No sooner than I got her (buckled in her stroller) right up against the fence, did this cow lower its head, eye level with her, and let out the loudest, scariest "Moo" I have ever heard! Not only was it as loud as a bullhorn, but the thing showed all its teeth, and continued to moo, as I carried my screaming child who was clinging to me like a monkey as far away as I could get. Great start to our day. So...... I spent the next HOUR and a HALF carrying her around, and pushing my stroller because after that she refused to walk, or ride. Even after she had calm down, and we were well away from the "farm" sometimes you could faintly hear that cow moo in the distance, and we were back at square one all over again. My arm was about to fall off! (I will also remind you that I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant!) On our way home, and still today, she will randomly tell me "cow eat ta-ti!" I guess we'll see if I've given my little girl a life long fear of cows!
(Obviously this isn't the actual cow, but you get the idea)
My saving grace!! The one place at the zoo that I knew would distract her! One ride on the carousel, and she was back talking about Disneyland! Yeah for my arms!! (Check out her sandals, their my favorite)
Just a quick shot of my little one with an animal that she has no problem ordering around, and taking charge of! One of our little dogs Lola.

Monday, May 11, 2009

What a weekend!

This weekend was not only Mothers Day, but Saturday was my birthday and I turned 26! Crazy that I've finally gotten closer to 30 than 20. I don't know how, but we lucked out, and managed to finally get some really nice weather, which was a present in itself. Chris and I had made an agreement that after the small fortune we spent in Disneyland, that we weren't gonna do anything for each others birthdays this year, but I should have known he wouldn't stick to something like that. He surprised me, and took me to one of my favorite restaurants, "Satly's". I love seafood, and this might be one of the best places in all of Seattle to get it! I also love it, because its right on Alki Beach, and you get an amazing view of the whole city, which is absolutely beautiful at night. I didn't take this picture, but this literally was the view from our table. I wish I would have brought my camera, because the food not only tastes amazing, but they do a pretty sweet job with the presentation as well. Thank you Chris for a great birthday!
Mothers Day was also great! I never thought I'd love something so much as being a Mom. I live for every moment I get to spend with Charli, and know that I'm truly blessed to have such a sweet and wonderful daughter. I can't wait for August, to finally meet my first little boy. I hope my children always know how much I love them, and want nothing but happiness for their lives. Thank you Chris and Charli for an amazing weekend!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ten Reasons Why I Love This Girl!

10. She's so excited for her "bebe buber in tummy"
9. She thinks anything that jumps is a "tigger"
8. When she's upset she will cry for waffles
7. Anyone in a pretty dress is cinderelly
6. strawberry is said "tabalees"
5. She loves slides, and will try to make ANYTHING into one
4. When she wants to watch a show, she will sing the song to me to let me know which one.... deedeedee dora!.....go deigo go!!
3. She always blesses our dogs 2 or 3 times when we help her pray at night
2. I hate unloading the dishwasher.... she LOVES to try and help!
1. She is still the shy, sweet, innocent little angel she always has been