Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Swiming Lessons!

Charli is such a busy little girl, and for a while now I've really wanted to get her signed up for something!!! I love playing with my little sweetheart, but she loves playing with other kids her age so much, I wanted to get her involved in something that she would love! I started looking at dance classes, gymnastics, really anything to get her energy out, but I was disappointed to find that nearly everything required you to be the golden age of 3!!! Finally I ran across swimming lessons..... they have classes for kids under 3..... but YOU have to get in the water with them! Well with my baby Brooks this wasn't an option, so I called the phone number, and talked to the lady, and she said I could enroll her, but to make sure she was ready, because they didn't want people cancelling and then having open spots in their class. Welp I signed her up, and yesterday was her first day!! At first I was a little worried, because she was by far the smallest one... by a lot... but I couldn't have been more proud of my little one for jumping right in, and loving every second of it! They played a little game, and she sang the song the whole way home! I will also add, that the two 4 year olds in her class cried almost the whole time, so Charli basically got a private lesson, because she was the only one who would participate!
Their is actually 2 classes in this picture, the kids with their backs to us are in the next class up (goldfish) The crying girl in the green, and the little boy the teacher is holding were the other kids in Charli's class, the guppy's!
She really likes Josh... her teacher!

The classes combined to play the game!

She loves it!

This is the best picture I got of my camera shy daughter