Sunday, April 27, 2008

HoOd CaNaL

Friday Night, Chris and I loaded up the car, and went to his friends cabin. I was a little unsure about the whole idea, because there was going to be 4 different couples there, and everyone knew each other, except for me of course. Not to mention we were the only one's who had a little one. Welp, I'm really happy that I stopped worrying, and just went, because it turned out to be really fun! the weather was AMAZING (nice change from the snow last week...) and everyone was totally laid back and absolutely adored Charli! Here's a few pictures:) In this first one, you can see the oyster grounds! It was so crazy, when the tide went out, the ground was covered in oysters! All the boys went and got tons of them and ate enough to feed a small country. Awesome if you like them, I'm not a huge fan of oysters
I love this one, because Charli loved playing in the rocks/eating the rocks. The only way we could get her to stop putting them in her mouth, was to put a pacifier in her mouth.

These next two were not actually in hood canal, they were at Torrin's baseball game the day before! Kaho and Charli (cousins) checkin each other out:)

So cute! I just love em!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Whats Wrong With This Picture?????

"April showers bring May flowers". Welp I'd like to know what April snow storms bring!! Im ready for the sun.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dinner with Lola and Callie

Here are my pathetic dogs, begging for CHARLI'S food!! This happens just about every time I feed her. Of course she bends down laughs at them, then lets them lick her hand, or drop pieces of macaroni or whatever she is eating for them. The funniest part of this, is my dog Lola (black and white) doing her tricks, thinking it will get her more food!! I know this is very BAD behavior, and we're working on it, but at least never find a gross mess all over the floor! They eat anything! Seriously anything, from pears, lettuce, apples, dirt, anything.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Yesterday, spur of the moment idea, we decided to drive over to Leavenworth. For those of you not from around these parts, Leavenworth is this tiny Bavarian village smack dab in the middle of the mountains. The whole entire town, and i mean gas stations and all, all look like this picture. In my opinion its the cutest around Christmas time, because they totally deck it out with lights, and then there's the snow. But is was really fun to go look in the little shops, and get out of the house. The drive up there is also amazing, following the river the whole way.

I look scary I know.

All the food there is like, German sausage, or ice cream, so we had a little picnic, and all ate hot dogs. They seemed the least scary of the food choices. Thats Judy, Charli, Keni and Lindsay you see here

Another stroller picture

Friday, April 11, 2008

First Time at the Zoo!

So finally we have a sunny day, and it feels like spring is finally right around the corner! I maintain my goal of trying to take advantage of all the sunny days, so when my sister-in-law Lindsay called and invited me to the zoo, I could hardly say no. I planed to take pictures of the animals, and everything, but like always, I only ended up with pictures of Charli! Haha if you looked through my camera that's pretty much all I got! Just like most babies her age, Charli wasn't to interested in the animals. I think the only thing she really looked at, is when we saw like 4 or 5 squirrels chasing each other down the path! But I did! My favorite was the gorillas. There was a mama gorilla with a six month old baby gorilla that was the cutest thing ever. The mom was holding it just like a baby, petting its little head while it slept. So cute I know. Although I like seeing the animals, part of me always feels sorry for them, especially when I see how seriously almost all of the cool ones are endangered! I think I will really appreciate the zoo when Charli gets a little older and is excited to see all the animals!
If you ever get anything, and I mean anything near Charli's mouth, she opens wide!

My little snowman!

Sometimes I wonder what she is thinking about!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

NiNe MoNtHs ToDaY!!!

So it's not exactly her birthday, but who cares. Today Charli turns 9 months! She went to the doctor and is just growing up perfect! (Too fast, but perfect.) Her measurements are as follows: Height 28" 67%. Weight 16lb 12%. Head circumference 45.7cm 91%. I laughed when before the doctor told me her percentages, he told me she had a "genius" size head! Hahaha that's what I'll tell her. Having been to the doctor I'll throw out there a little reminder to never be afraid to ask tons of questions, about anything, but especially about autism. It just seems like we've been hearing so much about it lately, and I can't help but worry about whats going into my baby through immunizations. By asking questions you can at least gain so peace of mind, even if there is no definitive answers. So, that being said, Charli is a healthy happy baby girl! She likes to snuggle with her blankets and her stuffed animals
She loves looking over the pond.... she always tries to stick her hands/feet/any part of her she can in the water!
My camera is so slow, its so hard to get pictures of her smiling! this is sort of a half smile:)
So today she was LOVIN this tent. She kept going in, and out, and in, and out! That is her uncle Keni in the back there.
Sittin on the little bridge over the water fall and pond with her Dad!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Speed Crawling!!!

Something interesting has happened this week, and I'm not sure I like it much. As I said before Charli has learned to crawl, cruise, etc. Welp, she has recently stepped it up a notch, and is moving faster I can keep up! Seriously, I feel like she could take on most toddlers in a race. It would be really cute and funny, except that she has a one track mind, to get the dog food, water, toys and yes, bones. she's only 8 1/2 months and she already thinks she is a puppy. (haha not really) You would think she didn't have any toys of her own, the way she ignores them, and goes straight for the dogs. If it's not their toys it's their tails. It really is cute how she follows them around!
Here she is getting a taste of "Iams proactive health", as Lola and Callie keep an eye on her. I guess since she is always dropping her food on the ground for them, she's decided it's her turn to try theirs.

No worries, of course I didn't actually let her swallow puppy food.