Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Anyone's Magazines Ever Look Like This??

For a while now, Charli's absolute favorite thing to do, is rip up paper to shreds (magazines inparticular). If she so much as hears a page turn, she can't seem to get there fast enough to demolish whatever I'm reading. So I finally found a solution. Now whenever I want to look at a magazine, or read something, I just give her one of her own, that I've already read. (Of course I watch for the small pieces she tries to sneak as little treats) This has worked out great! I just let her go to town, and she if perfectly happy shredding up her own paper and I can read mine without her little hands crinkling it. Her is an example of one of her finished products....

My sweet girl. I just can't get enough of that face:)

Monday, May 26, 2008

I Swear She's A Happy Kid.....

Charli is going through a really fun stage right now, where she is completely 100% attached to me. Call it stranger anxiety or whatever, but I can't seem to leave her sight for even a second without her crying, looking for me. It's really cute at first, because I know she knows who I am, that I'm important to her, that she loves me and all that great stuff, but sometimes I wish she loved everyone else too! She's such a sweet baby, and so happy all the time, until there's either an unfamiliar face, or a camera anywhere near her. Ask anyone who's tried, it's near impossible to get a picture of her laughing, or even smiling! I feel like I'm always explaining to people, "she's really happy, I swear she smiles for me all day long!" So funny how babies can be! I just love her to death! .....and I promise she's a sweet happy girl!! Haha

This is her at her little cousin Maddie's birthday... not far from Mom's lap

My proof!!! One of the lucky moments she smiled for the camera! She's in her happy place, aka the dog cage.

This is Charli and her cousin Ava. They are so cute. I love this one, because she does not like the feel of the grass on her hands or feet. If you look she sat like this for quite a while with her foot in the air, so her little toes wouldn't touch the ground!! So funny.

Monday, May 19, 2008

90 Degrees In Seattle!!!

I think who ever is in charge of the weather around here, either got Washington confused with Hawaii, or started realizing that we are in some serious need of sun, because this last weekend, it was 90 degrees!!! Unbelevable I know. Obviously I had intentions of taking full advantage of this, swearing not to miss one second of the beautiful sun!! Well, my plans and Charli's were a little different, because friday night my poor little girl had a fever and was just misrible. Here are a few pictures from friday morning,(before I knew she was sick)at lake stevens. I went with Kristi who fully understands the "taking advantage of the sun" thing. it was soooooo nice. I even got really sun burned!! Who thought you could be excited about that!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Taggs like Crazy!!!

So I've been tagged 3 times in one week. The most recent are from Mala and Amy, but both were fun, and made me think.

5 weirdo things about me!!

This one was kind of easy for me, considering I am kind of a weirdo. Some of these things I probably shouldn’t share, but hopefully no one looks at me differently.

1. Right after I had Charli I started reading the Harry potter series, and became absolutely obsessed. I would read every spare moment I had. The whole time I was reading, I was secretly wishing that my kids could go to Hogwarts. And become witches and wizards. Let me remind you I just turned 25.

2. I love to watch old musicals... and sing along of course. Some of my favorites: Seven brides for Seven brothers, Sound of Music, Oklahoma, South Pacific, Cinderella and the King and I just to name a few. Chris can’t understand how I can watch “that crap”, but I go through phases where that’s all I want to watch.

3. I frequently drive by the site where our house is getting ready to be built. This wouldn’t be that weird, except it is still just a big pile of dirt. They lay the foundation next week!!!!

4. I feel very, very bad for lost or stray animals. I used to make Chris pull over on the side of the road if a saw a scraggly looking cat or dog, so I could check and see if it had tags. There were several times that I took the animal home with me. The largest was back during my first year down in Utah, my roommate Chrissi and I found a lost Siberian husky that we took home with us

5. I’m obsessed with having a clean car. I don’t let anyone eat in my car, not even babies or ANYONE! I have absolutely no garbage, food, clothes, shoes, toys, or anything on my floors! I can’t even stand it when it gets dusty!!

I tagg: Chelsey B. Hollie W. and Stephanie W.

Crazy Eights!

8 things I’m passionate about:
1) Family
2) Friends
3) Being a mom
4) Reading
5) Organizing
6) Being happy
7) Cooking
8) Life

8 Songs I can listen to over and over again and never get sick of:
1) Sexy Love - Neyo
2) The Holler – Randy Travis
3) Crash – Dave Mathews
4) Gray – Dave Mathews
5) Anything by Dave Mathews really
6) All Christmas songs
7) Everything - Michael Buble
8) Primary Songs

The past 8 books I’ve read:
1-3) Twilight Series
I’ll just say before that, was all 7 Harry Potter’s. Could be the best books ever

8 Things I say often:
1) Lola and Callie, shhhhhh!!
2) No way!
3) Mama mama
4) I love you!
5) Let’s go somewhere sunny
6) Seriously?
7) Honey
8) Good puppys

8 Things that attract me to a friend
Someone who...

1) Is funny, or has a really good sense of humor
2) likes to go out and do things
3) likes to talk
4) Someone who likes to eat
5) Trustworthy
6) Someone who likes the same things as me
7) Doesn't get easily offended
8) Likes Chris!

8 Random things about me:

1) I love banana baby food
2) I love watching any kind of makeover show
3) I spoil my dogs, and it really bothers Chris
4) I always forget my sunglasses every time I need them
5) I still attempt to take Charli to movies, even though it now almost never works
7) My favorite flowers are gerber daises
8) My favorite gift to get from anyone, is a nice letter

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1) Go to Paris and see the Louver
2) Go see all of Europe really
3) See my kids happy in their life
4) Have my dream house
5) Have completed all of my spiritual goals
6) Read as many books as I can fit in
7) Stay at the Atlantis in the Bahamas again
8) Know that I’ve done my best, and have no regrets

8 Things I’ve learned this past year:
1) Labor is no joke. People aren’t lying when they say it hurts
2) Having a baby is the greatest thing ever
3) I need to take more pictures
4) Patience is a virtue
5) I need to keep better touch with old friends
6) Enjoy the little moments
7) It pays off, to save money
8) That I love my husband and my baby more and more each day

Monday, May 12, 2008

I have The Best Husband Ever

I had a great weekend to say the least! On Friday, it was my birthday and to start the day off on a good note all my sister-in-law's and the kids surprised me by taking me out to lunch. They are very sneeky, and I was convinced we were just going to Target, but leave it to them to do something so sweet. Next Chris surprised me with getting really great seats to a Mariner's game (which I love, and have been wanting to go to a game forever!) Although they lost, it was still so fun! The weather just happened to be perfect that day, and there were only a few crazy drunk people around us! When the game was over, we got back to the car, and sitting on my seat, was a card with the sweetest letter in it! I thought that was all, until I saw tickets to go see High School Musical on brodway!!!! (As you can see I've grown up a lot haha) Im soooooo excited!!! It's not till the end of this month, but I can't wait! I love you sooo much Chris!!! Then we have mothers day which started off with breakfast in bed, flowers, and him taking baby duty almost all day! Then the boys in his family made a steak dinner for the girls, and let us play rock band all night! It was a great weekend!

I love this one, because you can see Charli on the ground at my sister-in-law Lindsay's feet, crawling through the drums. Well, there is a "foot drum" or whatever its called, and she wouldn't leave it alone, and it always ruined your score! Everyone was getting frustrated but I thought it was really funny.

Friday, May 9, 2008


About My Husband..... Thank You Shannon, this one was pretty fun

*What is his name? Lately it’s been Dad, but sometimes we call him Chris
*How old is he? 26
*How long have we been married? Three years in June... gone by way to fast!
*How long did we date? This one is up for debate... I’ll say we knew each other for 4 years before we got engaged, then got married 6 months after that. But in that time we probably dated for 2 years...
*Who said I love you first? He did, but I almost did like 20 times before that.
*Who is taller? Chris by a perfect amount!.
*Who sings better? He does for sure! But that doesn’t stop me from sharing MY talent with everyone who steps foot in my car!!
*Who is smarter? It depends, when it comes to common sense.... I think I win. Enything else, he takes the cake!
*Whose temper is worse? His. Sometimes Im too laid back for my own good. But we match up well
*Who pays the bills? I do
*Who does the laundry? I do. Im obsessed. I can’t stand dirty clothes! I probably do at least one load every day!
*Who cooks dinner? Unless its hamburgers, or steak tacos.... the only things he knows how to make, its me!
*Who drives when we are together? Usually Chris, but sometimes I do. He drives like a grandpa.
*Who is more stubborn? Me for sure.
*Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Im never wrong. So it’s always him.....
*Whose family do you see more? His family!
*Who has more friends? Humm.. Im really bad at keeping in touch, so probably him, but he is my best friend!
*Who wears the pants in the family? We share
*Who eats more sweets? Unless it’s cherry chip cake, its me!!
*Who mows the lawn? The landscaper... Haha Chris only recently learned how to start the lawn mower.
*Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does.
*Who asked who out first? He askd me out first, but then I went stalker, and wouldn’t leave him alone!
*Who kissed who first? I have to admit our first kiss was kind of a make out sesh! Initiated by him of course.
*What is your favorite thing about him?How do I decide?? I married him because he is my perfect match. He still gives me butterflies, and makes me feel like the most important thing in his life every single day. He loves our little girl so much, and wants to give the world to her. I truly love him with everything I am, and can’t believe I landed such a hot babe!

I tagg---

Mala B.
Whitney S.
Amy P.
Kristi T.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lake Rosinger!!

On Sunday we were lucky enough to have another one of our rare sunny days! With Chris leaving really soon to go to Alaska, I've been really trying to jump on board with whatever he wants to do, which obviously means I'm going fishing! So, on Sunday after Church, we loaded up some of the kids, and headed over to Lake Rosinger, which is right around the corner, to go for a little boat ride and try to catch something. I'm the kind of person that just loves to be out on the boat, and could really care less if we catch something or not... Chris on the other hand, has to catch a fish, or the whole trip sucks.... I would love to tell you we caught lots and lots of fish, however it was pretty much the exact opposite. We caught nothing. At all. Chris's brother Rob lost the only fish we had on, so the blame fell on him of course for us not catching a single thing. Very fair I know. Anyways, it was a beautiful day, a really cool spot, and Aside from the no fish thing, everyone had fun.