Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009!!!

Although it rained on us, Halloween this year was awesome! We trick-or-treated with our umbrellas, and Charli was having so much fun, I don't even think she knew or cared that she had to wear her rain boots under her little ball gown! We stared off the night, going around our neighborhood getting as much candy as possible, then headed over to Rob and Bri's house for their annual Halloween party!! It was so much fun, just like every year! I loved everyones costumes, but I'm so mad that I didn't take more pictures!! I didn't get even half of the kids, or some of the best adult costumes either!! Oh well, next year. Ok so don't judge our pumpkins, but look how disgusting that is!!! Hahaha I wanted Chris to be a part of our pumpkin carving this year, so we did them the night before he left, and by the time Halloween rolled around, they had definitely passed their prime:) SICK!

Here's my little brother-in-law Keni, who was Thomas the Train!!

A quick picture of most of the kiddo's on the couch!! Notice my little giraffe screaming his little head off.

To lazy to fix this picture of my brother-in-law Brian, who was probably the best Luigi I've ever seen! His wife Katie was a box of popcorn, and her costume was also AMAZING (she made it herself I might add) but I never got a picture of her.

Stephanie, our dead football player!

Torrin as Wolverine!

Rob and baby Robbie, as a zookeeper with his little kangaroo! Bri was also adorable in her little safari outfit, but I didn't get her picture either

And of course here's my little munchkins, who were just as cute as can be. Charli was my little princess Belle, and Brooks was a giraffe. Seriously my kids won't smile for the camera. EVER. This was my attempt on the couch, and these pictures are as close as I got. So frustrating, but whatever, I still think they're adorable:)

Seriously I took so many more pictures than that, and not one has both of them smiling. Guess I'm just not funny enough. haha
Here's a full length shot of my little Belle

And one of my baby giraffe! ...he likes to stick out his tongue

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Scary Moment

Last Saturday night was shaping up to be a good one, until my little dare devil decided to jump off the foot of her bed, only to some how get caught and fall face forward on the edge of the table in front of her. She cracked her forehead right open and was screaming bloody murder. I've honestly never seen so much blood come out of such a little head in all my life. I had a completely soaked little towel. Needless to say we took her to the emergency room, and I was fearing the worst, thinking she was gonna be completely traumatized by getting stitches. Upon arriving my fears shifted when the lady checking us in told me that they has some very scary, sick, contagious people in the waiting room, and that we needed to do whatever we had to do to protect our children! I was like what the heck does that mean???!! That's when my prayers started. To make a long story shorter, Charli was AMAZING and just wore the little mask. She actually didn't even want to take it off when we were leaving! Brooks stayed under a blanket in his carrier, and we waited in a whole separate area all by ourselves. Charli was such a trooper the whole time. All she wanted was some rubber gloves like the doctor, and she was golden. She serenaded the doctor and nurse with "someday my prince will come" as he glued her head back together (no stitches yea!!) Now she tells everyone we see how the doctor fixed her ow-wee and shes all better. Then she will ask you, if you're all better.

I didn't get any pictures of her cut in all its glory when it was bleeding but here it is post glue job.

They gave her this little animal that she calls mousey

She's showing off her "pretty bracelet" with a band aid over her cut before the doctor came in.

Carlton Farms!!

So this year we decided to go to the pumpkin patch that was right down the road from our house, and I'm sure glad we did! It was honestly the best pumpkin patch I've ever been to in my life! They had everything! A petting zoo, hay rides, corn mazes, a little kiddie maze, a little barrel train, a flower patch were you could pick dahlias, a farmers market, food, and even a pumpkin cannon that would launch pumpkins like 3 football fields away!! Charli LOVED it! I was worried because we went right during nap time, but she didn't want to leave! I'm to tired to label every picture, but it was seriously so much fun! I look disgusting in all of them but oh well. Oh my favorite are the ones of Charli peeking out through the corn!! Ah so cute.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Name and a Blessing

This last Sunday we had the opportunity to bless our baby Brooks. Brooks Mason Pugmire. It was amazing just like it was with Charli, to hear Chris give this beautiful son on God a blessing. Chris had all his brothers by his side, and a couple ward members too. Thank you to all the family that came, it was especially important to me to have all of you there. Brooks was peaceful and quiet through the whole thing, and over all it was just a wonderful experience for our little family.
I loved his little outfit.... Although it seriously barely fit him. I loved how it was just soft and warm and made him just look like a little angel.... Well a big angel.

Father and Son.

My babies.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We are POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!! Now I know you're not supposed to try and potty train right after you have a baby, and blah blah blah, but Charli was so ready I couldn't resist. Quite a while ago, she started sitting on the potty, and would sometimes pee, and we would make a really big deal about it, but it had to be her idea or she wanted nothing to do with it. But lately she really has wanted to go on the potty all the time, so I decided it was time to throw out the diapers and get her some "big girl underwear". I didn't really mess around with pull-ups, except for a few times when I went places and couldn't risk her wetting her pants. Anyways she's been peeing on the toilet for a few weeks now, accident free!!! Yeah!!! Oh except for the occasional dump she would take in her pants. Why do kids do that??? for a week we tried lollipops, gummy bears, ice cream, stickers, you name it, we bribed her with it to get her to poop in the toilet, and nothing worked. she would tell me she had to go, but it would be too late. I was pretty frustrated because at this point she refused to wear a diaper, and I was beyond sick of cleaning poop out of her underwear. But finally after about a week (that felt like a month) she started doing it, and the trick seemed to be Oreos! I'm proud to announce that I now only have one kid in diapers!! Yeah!

Oh, and she refuses to a trainging potty. We got her a Dora seat that goes on top of the toilet as well as her own little potty chair, and she wont use either! She needs to use "the big girl potty". And apparently so do some of her babies that have taken a swim in the toilet.

On another note, here is some recent pics of Brooks, who is just smiling like crazy lately!! My camera (which is the crappiest on earth) hardly ever gets it, but here's some pics anyways. He is HUGE! He was 12.5 lbs at his one month check-up, and his two month is next week so we'll see how much he's grown since then! It's so fun having a little chub this time:) Look at those cheeks! What a chunk!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So I'm not the smartest when it comes to computers. Long story short, I was trying to add someone to my "blog roll" this morning, and in doing so I deleted my entire blog list. I was surprised at how many of my friends and family know each other, and was able to find quite a few of your blogs to re-add on my blog, but there are still a few that I could not find. If you happen to see this, and your name is not on the"My Favorite Blogs" spot on the right column, Please leave a comment so I can get your blog address again, and be able to see yours:) Thanks so much!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One Month Today!!

I can hardly believe that one month ago today my little guy was born. Oh where does the time go!! For me its very bitter sweet. I'm the person who doesn't like it when people tell me how big he's getting, and how much he's changing. I would just assume he never change, and remain this sweet little newborn baby forever:) Well here is a few little fun things about baby Brooks at one month!!
He loves the bath!!
He loves to have is hair combed just as much! After the bath he'll just lay there forever while I brush his hair!
He's not a fan of the swing anymore, like he was the first two weeks.
He loves to be on his tummy!
I'm seriously amazed at the distances he can pee!!
I think his eyes are gonna be blue
He is a grunter!! He seriously grunts instead of crying, and you'll only hear him scream if you ignore his grunting long enough!
He loves to be held and cuddled.
He is the sweetest most precious little boy I know, and I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be his Mommy!
In this picture it looks like he has some sort of crazy eye. Rest assured he doesn't, but its like one of the only pictures I have of him not sleeping!

Lake Chelan!

Last weekend Chris and I, along with some of the other family in the area, decided to have one last summer hoorah, and headed up to lake Chelan. Chris's parents have a pretty amazing condo there, along with all the toys you would want on a lake! It was our first little getaway with two kids and it went relatively smooth. We had to bring our two dogs too which complicated things slightly, but overall it was a really great weekend, with great weather, and great company!
When we weren't on the boat, or at the beach, we were in the pool

Charli loved the water even though it was FREEZING!! I was really proud of how brave she was to go in the tube, swim in the lake, and basically follow her Dad around trying whatever he did!

Neither of my kids could stay awake on the boat the whole time. It was inevitable they would both be asleep on the ride in almost every time.

Charli's favorite thing to do in the pool.

My little lounger!! I love his little swim trunks!

Charli and her adorable cousin Fia. She loves this girl!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My sweet babies!!!

All I have to say is Whitney Smith is AMAZING!! Literally I wanted to post every single picture I got, but it would be the longest thing ever! I seriously don't know how I'm going to decide which ones I'm going to blow up and put on my wall!! They all turned out so great! If any of you live in the Seattle area, you HAVE to have my friend Whitney take pics of your family!! you can email her at wsmithphotography@gmail.com! And check out her blog where she takes all kinds of photos, at www.craigandwhitney.blogspot.com seriously she was so patient with my sometimes difficult children, and is one of the sweetest girls I know!! Thank you so much Whitney I love them all!! Here is just a few of my favorites.