Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Back in the middle of April, my younger Brother Ben left on his mission to Tulsa Oklahoma. This mission actually covers Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Arkansas. We were able to go down to Oregon to his farewell, to see my family and wish him luck!! Ben is going to be an amazing missionary. He is more than ready, and has one amazing and powerful testimony of the gospel. No one forced, or bribed, or even talked him into going at all, it was completely his own decision, and was and is so excited to be serving the Lord! We're so proud of you Ben!!!!
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I don't know what happened to some of these pictures, but the quality got all messed up. Here is Ben and Charli

Charli and my youngest sister Anna

My brother Nick, my Dad, Chris and sleeping Brooks, and Ben.

Ben and my Dad

Ben 3 days before leaving!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Charli at 3 years and 9 months!

With this girl, its hard to know where to even begin. She is constantly going through different phases, and into different things, that its hard to keep it all straight! One thing she has always been though is sweet as can be. She is so caring about every bug, worm, frog, dog cat (basically all animals) but she also is so caring to all her little dolls, and stuffed animals. Every single one (that's in her room) has to have a bed and a pillow.... that gets old fast haha! At first I thought it was just a stalling technique at bed time. Which she has MANY of, but then if you listen outside her door, your heart will just melt, as she says goodnight to all her babies, and tells them stories, and makes sure they're all covered up. She truly has a heart of gold. She sticks up for her little brother, cares about her friends and their feelings, and is always telling everyone how much she loves them! OK enough bragging about my first born little girl! I really love her to death!

She likes to help me around the house.... here she is making a necklace / noose out of the vacuum cord.

Some of Charli's favorite things:

MERMAIDS! ..... She is completely convinced they are real, and that someday she is going to be one.

Fairies, or anything with wings... which she also desperately wants.



All people her age:)

Fish! She's just like her dad. She likes to look at them, catch them and eat them! Although its so funny because she tells me she only eats the fish that have no eyes.... OK....

Dora, Bubble Guppies, Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Going to her Gooma's house

Going on vacations

Dressing up

The baby in my tummy

Feeding the birds

Wow this list really could go on forever, so lets just say she loves life, and there are few things she really doesn't like right now.

So the other night she told me to come into her playroom because she drew an "Amazing" picture of me, and one of dad too! She has drawn many pictures of us before, but for some reason these made me laugh so hard. listening to her describe what she drew was the best! She counted all the fingers, and on my picture told me I have brown eyes and a big nose, and lots of hair! hahaha! Che said Chris has a little bit of hair, and that he had red in his eyes. Seriously this will probably never be funny to any one but me because I was there, but I LOVE her little pictures she draws!

I feel like I need to say a little more about the mermaid obsession. She really loves mermaids, especially Ariel more than anything. She will slither around the floor, and tell me that's how mermaids move inside houses... She always wants to wear a swimsuit in the bath, and when ever Ursula dies at the end of the Little Mermaid, she will say "Mom, who's going to turn me into a mermaid now??"

She loves loves the zoo. Mostly because of the room with all the birds that come and land on a "seed stick" that you can buy for a dollar! She would go every day if it were up to her!

I know I'm leaving an insane amount of fun things out, about our little Charli, but I suppose that's more motivation for me to keep up on my blog! I can't wait to start posting all the funny things she says, because at least once a day, usually more, she makes me laugh by the funny random things she comes up with. We love her so much, and couldn't ask for a more perfect daughter!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brooks at 19 Months!

Its hard to believe my little baby boy is 19 nearly 20 months old!! I know everyone says this, but time has flown by with him like I cannot believe! Sometimes I wish I could freeze time, and enjoy every moment at certain ages!! Brooks is at such a fun age right now, where he loves to play, chase our animals, cuddle with me, read books, and follow his big sister! Although its a fun age, its also a very challenging age... in his case! I love this boy dearly, but I am not kidding when I say he is the busiest kid I have EVER met! He is into anything and everything, and goes from one thing to another, leaving giant messes behind him! He honestly loves nothing more than to empty out cabinets, unroll the toilet paper, dump out the dog food and water, climb on tables (and of course push anything that was on the table off), get into my make-up, and the list goes on! I have rearranged our whole house trying to keep things out of his reach, but let me tell you, where there's a will there's a way, and this guy does not give up! He always has a plan, and will find a way to carry it through! I honestly admire him for this... he keeps me on my toes. All the time. He also has a good arm! He often practices is skills during dinner when you put anything in front of him he's not in the mood for. He's pretty good, and can through handfuls of food clear across the room. Impressive really. Anyways as much of a handful as he can be, he is the sweetest most adorable little guy ever. I love watching him with our little dogs, when he tries to be so gentle and pet them softly. I love how Charli can make him laugh so hard, and seeing how much he loves her!

So this guys is OBSESSED with water!! I'm talking any puddle, toilet, glass, you name it, he wants in it! No matter how cold it is, what he's wearing, or what danger it may pose, my little Brooks is a fish at heart, and loves nothing more than being soaking wet! Needless to say bath time is his favorite time of day! In this picture, Chris was gonna take a shower, and forgot that you cant turn the water on until the moment your gonna get in, unless you want to find brooks waiting for you!

My little mans favorite things:

TV: sesame street, tinker bell, bolt, cars, Shrek, Elmo, and Dora/Diego)

Food: fruit snacks, rice, spaghetti, cereal, yogurt, french fries, grapes, blueberries, pretty much all fruit, goldfish, popcorn, pb&j, juice, milk, and of course if he gets any candy!

Animals! He loves the pet store!

Coloring with markers.... on anything!

Bath time Water in general

Climbing! on everything!

Taking off his socks and shoes

Reading books

His ball popper toy

His Cars

Balls, and playing catch!

Going to the movies!

Being with people he knows and loves

Brooks Dislikes:

Teething! The poor guy has 8 teeth coming in right now!!!!!! So sad.

Getting pulled away from anything his into

Being told NO

Most food

Taking medicine! Ive never seen a kid so good at spitting out every last speck of it!

This is the cat at my mother in law's' house, and Brooks LOVES it! Her name is Tabitha, and he goes crazy every time she's out!

My little guy has quite the head of hair! We honestly need to cut it again, but on good days.... its just so cute I cant!! But let me tell you, he uses his hair as a napkin, and literally I have to wash his hair in the sink after almost every meal! Gross!

Its hard to believe in just two short months this little guy is gonna be a big brother! He still seems like my little baby:)

Happy Brooks at 19 months!!!! I truly love this little boy more than I could ever say! He brings so much to joy and happiness to our lives, and I can't imagine our family without his little face! I can't wait to see how he grows, and who he becomes! Honestly I don't want him to change a bit! You're perfect Brooks!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

December 2010

The month of December (like every year) just flew by!! we were so busy and did so many fun things, it was just over before we knew it! I love the Holidays so much, and this year was particularly fun because Charli was really old enough to get very excited about all the things we were doing, and couldn't wait for Santa to come!

Every year Charli's preschool puts on a Christmas play, one for the 3 year olds, and one for the 4 year olds. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen! They all came marching in singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" complete with hand motions, then sang a few other songs, while telling the Christmas story of Merry and Joseph and baby Jesus. They also did sign language to silent night! The whole thing was as cute as can be, and you can tell how hard the kids worked on their songs, and lines!! Chalri said a bunch of things, but the one thing I remember was "Joseph dearest, Joseph mine, help me hold this babe of mine." So sweet. Brooks was a handful as usual, but we did what we could to stuff his face with snacks, and managed to make it though the 45 minutes!

Afterward they had dessert underneath the church, and Charli had fun talking with her two best friends Grace Mitchell, and Grace Bates!

Chris and Charli pretty much tackled the ginger bread house themselves this year! I cant remember why I didn't really help... I must have not been feeling well. Anyways they did an awesome job, it seriously looked so good! Charli loved it, and made us keep it long after Christmas. Sometime in January she even made me make more gingerbread men, because she said someone needed to live in the house.

She was so good, and didn't even eat to much of the candy that was meant for the house!

I did what I could to keep Brooks occupied.

I feel like I'm leaving so much out, because I simply cant remember everything, but I do know that on Christmas eve, we had the Bates family over for a wonderful dinner and dessert, and then went to go look at Christmas lights! It was so fun, then when we got home, Chris read "the night before Christmas" and we left out milk and cookies, and of course carrots and reindeer food for Santa and his reindeer, and the kids went to bed! Anyways, I was so excited for the next morning, having this idea in my head of Charli so excited that Santa came and brought all these presents, but its funny how kids have a way of always surprising you..... On Christmas morning, Charli came into our room and the first thing she says, with a little sad face, is "Mommy.... Santa didn't come!" I was like what..... yes he did!! What are you talking about. I went out and looked down our stairs, and once I was confident we didn't get robbed in the middle of the night I asked what Charli was talking about, and she said that she didn't see Santa or the reindeer in the night!! It was so sweet. Somehow we must have confused her, and didn't make it clear that he only comes when you're asleep, and doesn't come in and wake you up!! Needless to say once she saw all her presents she got over her initial disappointment pretty fast! here she is on Christmas morning! Not the best quality pictures I know.

Merry Christmas Brooks!

Someones still waking up.....

Charli and her new doll house!

Brooks taking his new car for a spin!

On Christmas day, that night, we all went over to Chris's Mom's house to open more presents and have a big family dinner! It was wonderful, and so much fun to get everyone together like always! Someone had the idea to dress up all of our little boys in dress up, so seriously the only pictures I took the whole night were of them! On top is Mateo and Brooks!

This is Robbie, Greyson, Brooks and Mateo! We honestly had a wonderful Christmas!

Shortly after Christmas Chris and I took our kids, and headed over to Lake Chelan to enjoy some snow, and spend new years with our kids up there! It was soooooo much fun. One of the little weekend trips that I didn't want to end! On the way there, we of course stopped in Levenworth, the cutest little town on the planet! And for anyone who has not been there around the Holidays, its Amazing!!! The entire street is decked out on both sides with Christmas lights, and the little park is perfect for little guys to sled! We even saw someone propose to his girlfriend during the 2 hours we were there! I know these pictures are terrible and blurry, but they're all I took so here ya go!

Charli and Brooks

Getting Brooks to stay on the sled was a challenge.... but Chris made it happen!

Once in Chelan at the condo, we had so much fun! We took the kids to a real sledding hill, with the rope tow and all that good stuff, and Charli loved it! Brooks not so much. I don't know what he hated more, the actual ride down the hill, or the fact that he was so bundled up.... One thing he always loves though.... is the bath! Every night the kids were so excited to go in the Jacuzzi after a day in the snow! Especially when the so called "heated pool" was beyond freezing!!

Charli getting ready to head outside!

Brooks..... A happy camper before his coat, boots and gloves go on!

Father and Son!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

November 2010

November didn't quite start off the way we had hoped! Actually things started getting crazy on Oct. 30, when Brooks started coming down with the smallest little cough. He woke up with it, but it was nothing I would ever be concerned about. I put him down for a short nap, because it was late in the afternoon, but I wanted him to get some sleep, because we were going to our ward "trunk or treat" that night. While he was sleeping Chris, Charli and I were getting ready in my bathroom upstairs. I happened to look over at the monitor on my bedside table, and saw the lights going up and down, but didn't hear anything. I decided to go in and check on him, and found him in his crib gasping for air. His lips were turning blue, and he was trying to cry, but he just couldn't get enough air in and out. I grabbed him, ran into my bathroom, got Chris, and was literally ready to call 911, but after a minute of holding him, he calmed down a bit and the color came back into his lips. Needless to say, he needed to go to the ER because he sounded absolutely terrible, and we had no idea what was wrong with him. Chris insisted on taking him, so I stayed with Charli. At the hospital they opened his airway with epinephrine, gave him some steroids, and one or two albuteral treatments. What caused this whole thing, was apparently just the croup. I couldn't believe it when Chris told me, because the croup cough was something I thought all kids get! I know I had it when I was young, and it was NOTHING like this. Apparently Brooks has a very small airway, so when he gets respiratory illnesses they can come on strong and fast, and will present themselves like this!! Scary. Anyways he sounded much better when he came come, and aside from being awake all night from the steroids they gave him, he seemed OK. The next day was Halloween, and they told us if we wanted too, that we should take him out, because the cool air will be good for him, so we did. He sounded OK the whole day, and even after trick-or-treating. But that night, it was the same story all over again. This time at the hospital they admitted him, and Chris and him stayed the night. They monitored him all night long, gave him more treatments, and told us there is really nothing more that can be done, its just a virus that has to run its course!! They came home the next day, and long story short, he coughed for a few more days, but no more scary breathing issues after that:) But it wasn't long after when the flu came around, and all of us got it, one by one, starting with Brooks who was lucky enough to have it for almost 2 weeks! Charli was next, then Chris, and finally me. Luckily with both Chris and I, it only lasted for about 24 hours.

Here is my poor sick little kiddo's watching something on the couch.

Finally on to better topics!!! I thought I'd throw this picture in, because I think you can really see Brooks starting to look a little older here.

Also in November, Chris had the honor of baptizing his little brother Torrin. His other brother Jeff, then confirmed him a member of the church. It was a very special night for everyone involved, and all of us who were able to attend! Afterward we all went back to my mother-in-laws house for dessert, and to celebrate with Torrin. It was so amazing to see him so excited about finally turning 8 so he could be baptized!

We tried to get a picture of all the cousins, and of course Chris's little bros and sisters, and this was one of the best we got! We're missing Jen and Andre's kids, and of course Brian and Katie's little Eddie. Also Kofi, and AJ..... I guess we're missing quite a few! I didn't take any pictures, but we had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with Chris's family at his Mom's house. There were TONS of people, tons of food, crazy kids running wild, and lots of love! Some other things that happened in November were FINALLY getting to see Tangled, which we all loved, Chris and Jeff doing black Friday shopping and waiting outside of Target all night long to get TV's, watching tons of football which I seriously LOVE, and spending lots of time with family. I know I leaving tons out, but that's what I get for waiting until MARCH to update this thing!

Friday, March 25, 2011

October 2010

I love October! Its such a fun time of year, where you really feel like the weather starts to get cold, the leaves turn, and you have all the fun holidays to look forward too! These pictures are completely out of order, but I'm not changing it so oh well!! Looks like we're starting this post with the last day of the month October 31st HALLOWEEN!!

I stayed home this year, and handed out candy (dressed as scooby-doo) and Chris along with his brother Rob took the kiddo's out trick-or-treating. I was hoping my kids could hang in there, because Chris had the same mentality he probably had when he was ten years old which was "get as much candy as humanly possible". Here they are before heading out!

And..... here they are when they were all done! They came back and emptied those pumpkins into my huge bucket quite a few times! I should probably throw it away, but I have to say we STILL have tons of Halloween candy!

Brooks was our little Dalmatian

My two little munchkins!!

Brooks fueling up before heading out!

So... You may have seen Chris wear this before, and you will for sure see him wear it again in the future! He got this Mariachi suit on his mission in Mexico, and decided at some point that this was going to be his Halloween costume for the rest of his life! Seriously you've never seen pants so tight!

Charli was our beautiful Rapunzel this year! She hadn't even seen tangled yet, but wanted to be Rapunzel from watching the Barbie movie, and reading the book. Needless to say she is in LOVE with tangled!

So cute!

I can't count how many times I went to the pumpkin patch this year! We went once as a family, I went with Charli and her class, then we went like 100 times to the one right by my house, because my kids loved this big slide made out of a huge pipe!! Not to mention the baby chickens, cows, peacocks, pigs, horses, goats and the list goes on.

Here's Chris and Brooks on one of our quick trips to Carlton Farms (right down the street from us) because Charli loved this little train! Brooks was pretty indifferent:)

All smiles!

I don't know why I threw this pic in the mix, but I just love his little face all bundled up! Of course we were on our way to the pumpkin patch!

Our pumpkins this year..... that we carved a little to early AGAIN!! Haha!

Charli's Class went also went to Carlton Farms, and of course the parents were invited! It was super fun, except for the fact that it lightly rained half the time, and Brooks was hating his stroller, and letting me and everyone else know it!! Charli still had a blast, as she always does doing any activity!

Charli and Grace Bates

My sweet little girl in her rain coat!

Charli and Ms Teresa!

Charli and Grace Mitchell!

Charli's class! It was also this month that Charli told us about her boyfriend! (which she still has by the way) His name is Diego, and he's the little guy in the orange coat with the green boots! He's the cutest kid ever, with a little Spanish accent! I'm glad she has good taste hahaha!

Brooks favorite food = spaghetti!

Ok so check out those eyes!! At some point during this month he decided to give us this pose every time I pulled out the camera! It made me laugh so hard, because he honestly did it every time for at least 2 weeks straight!

Just random nights at home!

The "look" again!

At the beginning of the month we took the kids to "The Farm" which is most amazing pumpkin patch ever. Its family owned and they really go all out! They have duck races, amazing food, hay rides, fishing, petting zoo, play ground, and they even do a "3 little pigs show" where they have trained the pigs to come out of their little houses at just the right moment! It's AWESOME!! The only negative is that it can be pretty crowded on Saturdays which happens to be when we went.

Charli on the swing

Brooks and Charli on the swing

Charli with her favorite animal at the petting zoo, this tiny grey kitten!

Charli and a bunny

And just Charli!!!