Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Chris has been in Alaska now for 2 weeks. I feel really bad, because I haven't posted any pictures of Charli since he's left, and this is really the only way for him to see current pictures of her. So, there is really nothing new going on, and nothing to exciting about these pictures. I just took a few the other day when she was playing outside:)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Busy summer

I think once the weather goes down hill again, I'll be much better at keeping updated on my blog. I feel like in the last month or so, I just haven't been in the mood. However, lots of exciting things are happening right now, the NFL season has officially started, our new house is almost done, tons of the fall prime time shows are starting (anyone recomend any?), and I've been staying really busy since Chris left for Alaska again. As many of you know, our house closes on September 26th, and there is a very likely possibility that I will be hear all on my own for that. We've known this may happen for a while now, so like the amazing husband he is, Chris got every tiny detail in order before he left, so if I'm by myself, it should be a simple low-stress event, and things should go smoothly. I'm not so worried about signing all the papers, its the moving I'm worried about. We want to get everything out of our storage unit before October first, so we don't have to pay an additional month, and I hate knowing that I'm going to have to inconvenience all my my brother-in-laws, to help me make that happen. Although it may be stressful, and can't explain how excited I am! We started out in a tiny apartment in Corvallis Oregon, lived there for two years, then came back to Washington, and lived in Chris's parents guest house (everyone calls it the apartment). It will be so amazing to finally have an official house to call our own. Which reminds me, does anyone know anything about "Direct Buy"??? They won't tell me how much the membership is over the phone, and I can't go to a show room without Chris. So I'm wondering if the savings are amazing enough to wait for him to get home before I buy any major pieces of furniture. Anyways, The Seahawks had a pretty pathetic loss today against buffalo, so that sucks. I hope they do well this year, its seriously so fun to watch them when they're playing good! Charli even claps her hands when she hears the crowd cheer on TV. Speaking of Charli, its time for me to brag about her. she is just the smartest little thing ever! She's learning all the animal sounds, and body parts. She knows what a cat, duck, cow, monkey, bunny, and sheep says, and where her ears, nose, and eyes are! She definitely has a mind of her own, and when she doesn't get her way, she doesn't hesitate to throw you a nice little tantrum. We have officially eliminated the bottle, which she didn't even notice, and she's drinking from just about any cup just fine! I just can't believe how fast she is growing. It makes me sad to look at pictures from even a few months ago! Anyways, sorry on pictures this time, I've actually been trying to upload a video since last night, and can't make it work. So there's a little update on whats going on around here these days.