Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brooks at 19 Months!

Its hard to believe my little baby boy is 19 nearly 20 months old!! I know everyone says this, but time has flown by with him like I cannot believe! Sometimes I wish I could freeze time, and enjoy every moment at certain ages!! Brooks is at such a fun age right now, where he loves to play, chase our animals, cuddle with me, read books, and follow his big sister! Although its a fun age, its also a very challenging age... in his case! I love this boy dearly, but I am not kidding when I say he is the busiest kid I have EVER met! He is into anything and everything, and goes from one thing to another, leaving giant messes behind him! He honestly loves nothing more than to empty out cabinets, unroll the toilet paper, dump out the dog food and water, climb on tables (and of course push anything that was on the table off), get into my make-up, and the list goes on! I have rearranged our whole house trying to keep things out of his reach, but let me tell you, where there's a will there's a way, and this guy does not give up! He always has a plan, and will find a way to carry it through! I honestly admire him for this... he keeps me on my toes. All the time. He also has a good arm! He often practices is skills during dinner when you put anything in front of him he's not in the mood for. He's pretty good, and can through handfuls of food clear across the room. Impressive really. Anyways as much of a handful as he can be, he is the sweetest most adorable little guy ever. I love watching him with our little dogs, when he tries to be so gentle and pet them softly. I love how Charli can make him laugh so hard, and seeing how much he loves her!

So this guys is OBSESSED with water!! I'm talking any puddle, toilet, glass, you name it, he wants in it! No matter how cold it is, what he's wearing, or what danger it may pose, my little Brooks is a fish at heart, and loves nothing more than being soaking wet! Needless to say bath time is his favorite time of day! In this picture, Chris was gonna take a shower, and forgot that you cant turn the water on until the moment your gonna get in, unless you want to find brooks waiting for you!

My little mans favorite things:

TV: sesame street, tinker bell, bolt, cars, Shrek, Elmo, and Dora/Diego)

Food: fruit snacks, rice, spaghetti, cereal, yogurt, french fries, grapes, blueberries, pretty much all fruit, goldfish, popcorn, pb&j, juice, milk, and of course if he gets any candy!

Animals! He loves the pet store!

Coloring with markers.... on anything!

Bath time Water in general

Climbing! on everything!

Taking off his socks and shoes

Reading books

His ball popper toy

His Cars

Balls, and playing catch!

Going to the movies!

Being with people he knows and loves

Brooks Dislikes:

Teething! The poor guy has 8 teeth coming in right now!!!!!! So sad.

Getting pulled away from anything his into

Being told NO

Most food

Taking medicine! Ive never seen a kid so good at spitting out every last speck of it!

This is the cat at my mother in law's' house, and Brooks LOVES it! Her name is Tabitha, and he goes crazy every time she's out!

My little guy has quite the head of hair! We honestly need to cut it again, but on good days.... its just so cute I cant!! But let me tell you, he uses his hair as a napkin, and literally I have to wash his hair in the sink after almost every meal! Gross!

Its hard to believe in just two short months this little guy is gonna be a big brother! He still seems like my little baby:)

Happy Brooks at 19 months!!!! I truly love this little boy more than I could ever say! He brings so much to joy and happiness to our lives, and I can't imagine our family without his little face! I can't wait to see how he grows, and who he becomes! Honestly I don't want him to change a bit! You're perfect Brooks!!!

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