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December 2010

The month of December (like every year) just flew by!! we were so busy and did so many fun things, it was just over before we knew it! I love the Holidays so much, and this year was particularly fun because Charli was really old enough to get very excited about all the things we were doing, and couldn't wait for Santa to come!

Every year Charli's preschool puts on a Christmas play, one for the 3 year olds, and one for the 4 year olds. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen! They all came marching in singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" complete with hand motions, then sang a few other songs, while telling the Christmas story of Merry and Joseph and baby Jesus. They also did sign language to silent night! The whole thing was as cute as can be, and you can tell how hard the kids worked on their songs, and lines!! Chalri said a bunch of things, but the one thing I remember was "Joseph dearest, Joseph mine, help me hold this babe of mine." So sweet. Brooks was a handful as usual, but we did what we could to stuff his face with snacks, and managed to make it though the 45 minutes!

Afterward they had dessert underneath the church, and Charli had fun talking with her two best friends Grace Mitchell, and Grace Bates!

Chris and Charli pretty much tackled the ginger bread house themselves this year! I cant remember why I didn't really help... I must have not been feeling well. Anyways they did an awesome job, it seriously looked so good! Charli loved it, and made us keep it long after Christmas. Sometime in January she even made me make more gingerbread men, because she said someone needed to live in the house.

She was so good, and didn't even eat to much of the candy that was meant for the house!

I did what I could to keep Brooks occupied.

I feel like I'm leaving so much out, because I simply cant remember everything, but I do know that on Christmas eve, we had the Bates family over for a wonderful dinner and dessert, and then went to go look at Christmas lights! It was so fun, then when we got home, Chris read "the night before Christmas" and we left out milk and cookies, and of course carrots and reindeer food for Santa and his reindeer, and the kids went to bed! Anyways, I was so excited for the next morning, having this idea in my head of Charli so excited that Santa came and brought all these presents, but its funny how kids have a way of always surprising you..... On Christmas morning, Charli came into our room and the first thing she says, with a little sad face, is "Mommy.... Santa didn't come!" I was like what..... yes he did!! What are you talking about. I went out and looked down our stairs, and once I was confident we didn't get robbed in the middle of the night I asked what Charli was talking about, and she said that she didn't see Santa or the reindeer in the night!! It was so sweet. Somehow we must have confused her, and didn't make it clear that he only comes when you're asleep, and doesn't come in and wake you up!! Needless to say once she saw all her presents she got over her initial disappointment pretty fast! here she is on Christmas morning! Not the best quality pictures I know.

Merry Christmas Brooks!

Someones still waking up.....

Charli and her new doll house!

Brooks taking his new car for a spin!

On Christmas day, that night, we all went over to Chris's Mom's house to open more presents and have a big family dinner! It was wonderful, and so much fun to get everyone together like always! Someone had the idea to dress up all of our little boys in dress up, so seriously the only pictures I took the whole night were of them! On top is Mateo and Brooks!

This is Robbie, Greyson, Brooks and Mateo! We honestly had a wonderful Christmas!

Shortly after Christmas Chris and I took our kids, and headed over to Lake Chelan to enjoy some snow, and spend new years with our kids up there! It was soooooo much fun. One of the little weekend trips that I didn't want to end! On the way there, we of course stopped in Levenworth, the cutest little town on the planet! And for anyone who has not been there around the Holidays, its Amazing!!! The entire street is decked out on both sides with Christmas lights, and the little park is perfect for little guys to sled! We even saw someone propose to his girlfriend during the 2 hours we were there! I know these pictures are terrible and blurry, but they're all I took so here ya go!

Charli and Brooks

Getting Brooks to stay on the sled was a challenge.... but Chris made it happen!

Once in Chelan at the condo, we had so much fun! We took the kids to a real sledding hill, with the rope tow and all that good stuff, and Charli loved it! Brooks not so much. I don't know what he hated more, the actual ride down the hill, or the fact that he was so bundled up.... One thing he always loves though.... is the bath! Every night the kids were so excited to go in the Jacuzzi after a day in the snow! Especially when the so called "heated pool" was beyond freezing!!

Charli getting ready to head outside!

Brooks..... A happy camper before his coat, boots and gloves go on!

Father and Son!

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