Monday, January 26, 2009

I think it's time for an update!

All I have to say, is how SAD that my last post was for Halloween. I'm not quite sure what happened, but for the Holiday season I was completely out of the "blogging" mood. I think so much happened that I got overwhelmed and decided to take a little break. Well this isn't going to be thorough, but it will be a very non-detailed overview of the past few months.
For starters, I'll just say that Chris made it home just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with us and the family, and it was really nice. My little brother and sister came up from Portland and stayed with us over the weekend since my Dad had to work, and it was really great to see them, as well as Chris (who got to stay all the way until January 19, and jsut barely left!)
On to Christmas!! Now having our own house, I was as excited as I was when I was a little kid, to put up Christmas decorations. I wanted a real tree, lights on our house and the works. I had to force Chris into some of my ideas, but he was the kind husband he should be, and made it all happen for me:) One cool thing we did with some people in our ward, was we went to a place where you pay a set fee, and get to choose from thousands of Christmas trees, and cut down any one you want! It was so much fun, and definitely something we'll do again! Anyone who lives around here should try it next year.
Here's Charli scoping out the selection!

Us, with what we thought was the most perfect tree ever! I'm the kind of person that wants to look at every single one before deciding.... but I was so scared we would loose this tree I made Chris go and guard it while I kept looking, but soon decided I wouldn't find one more perfect!

This definitely isn't a great shot but it's the only one i took of our tree once it was decorated.
Because we did it last year no problem, I decided to try and get a good picture of Charli myself, for our Christmas cards. This picture captures how we both felt trying to do this.
Christmas morning at Grandma Pugmire's house! We decided to open presents from Santa at our house first, then headed over there for more presents and breakfast!
It was so nice to go see Chris's Grandma (Grandma Johansen) over the break. Hopefully it wasn't too chaotic having almost the whole family over there all together, but I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it as much as we did.
Finally the best part of all!!!!!! IT SNOWED!!! Snow here can be somewhat of a rare occasion so when it happens, everyone takes FULL advantage of it! we went sledding, built snowmen, took pictures, and watched all the kids just love it! Charli even developed a slight obsession with Frosty the Snowman, and she still to this day will find her gloves, demand I put them on, then drag me to the door, saying "Frosty! Frosty! Frosty!" She even thinks that the guy on the Jack in the Box commercials is Frosty and will talk about if forever when she sees him on TV! I then have to explain the Frosty is gone, he went to Alaska with Daddy, and wont be back until next year. Very cute, but lets just say I'm ready for her to forget about Frosty.
We haven't done any landscaping in our yard yet, because we moved in to late in the fall, but this is our only little tree, and when it snowed i thought it was so beautiful I had to take a picture!
Charli and Chris sledding up at Stevens Pass.
My cute girl whom I love to death, and makes every single day happy and exciting for me:)