Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Happiest Place On Earth!

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now, but haven't had the time, so here it is!! about 2 weeks ago, Chris and I took Charli to Disney Land for the first time, and stayed for a whole 5 days!! Everyone told us we would be ready to go after 2 or 3, but honestly I could have gone another week. It may sound funny, because we've been on some pretty incredible vacations, but this could seriously be the best trip I've ever been on! I was a little worried Charli might still be just a little too young to appreciate all Disneyland had to offer, but I was proven wrong within minutes of entering the park! She couldn't get enough of all the characters, went on seriously almost every ride there (minus a few of course), and went crazy during all the parades! It really was amazing to experience Disneyland through the eyes of a 21 month old little girl! First let me say, that a really nice camera is for sure on my wish list, because not a single one of these has the quality I wish it did. I must have taken 200 pictures or more, but here is just a few from our much needed, amazing week!

The Disneyland "Celebrate! A street party" was AMAZING! Maybe I think so because Charli loved it so much, but we all loved it

These suckers were her favorite. It wasn't pretty when the time would come to put it away

"C" is for Chris and Charli!

I think we rode King Author's Carousel 50 times. She LOVED it.

My camera takes so long to take a picture, she's never smiling by the time it FINALLY takes it! Just take my word for it, she loved all the characters, and is still constantly talking about all of them. Here's her and Pluto or "Newno" as she likes to say.

Happy Girl and Dad at the Street Party Parade!

Its took her a few days before she decided she liked the fireworks, but once she realized she could see Tinkerbell fly over the castle, she changed her mind. Here she is on our last night, barely awake, but watching the big firework show.

Minnie, is one of her favorites! She loved getting to go walk through her little house after meeting her.

And here is Ariel in the flesh! She right now is Charli's absolute favorite. She watches this movie over and over, sings the songs, and was soooooooo excited to see "mermaid". This was actually taken at Ariel's Grotto at California Adventure, and was great! All the princesses come to your table, they teach you how to curtsy, and serve you a 3 course meal that was actually pretty good. Since Charli was under 3, she was free, so of course that's a plus. If anyone has little girls, you can't miss this place!

Lucky Donald got a kiss!

Charli and "Relly"


And Pooh..... Her latest favorite cartoon on playhouse Disney! (which is also a great show at California Adventure worth seeing)


One last ride on the Carousel! We can't wait to go back again with both our kids next time!

Baby news.....

We couldn't be more happy!

Happy Easter

In our house this year, I'm sad to say Easter went by in a whirlwind and was almost overlooked completely. Not only did it sneak up really fast, I was out of town until late Friday night, and we were leaving for DISNEYLAND very very early the next day. (Stay tuned for pictures) However we did manage to color eggs, have a few Easter egg hunts (our own, then one big one with the whole family) and the bunny did make its way to our house to bring Charli a pretty sweet Easter basket. I hardly took any pictures, and the ones I did are not that great, but at least you can kind of see her little dress:)
She really got into the Easter egg hunt this year. When it was all over, she continued to look around for quite a while hoping to find more!

Just ignore her hair in this picture. Sometimes she sports the homeless look, but I did actually make it look really cute before church.

Finally!!! Chris is home!

First of all I've got to get better at this, because soooooo much has happened and once again its been a month since I've posted anything, so time to play catch up again!! The last week of march, Chris finally came home! This was by far the longest he's ever been gone and I was ready to have him back. I was actually a little nervous because at some point when he was gone, I transformed into a full blown pregnant lady! So after his flights kept getting cancelled, due to bad Alaskan weather, and a pesky little volcano that kept erupting, he finally made it home about 3 days late. Let me just say, that he makes it a point to NOT SHAVE the WHOLE TIME he's up there, so my hot husband comes home looking like a werewolf! I wish sooooo bad I would have got a picture, but I make him shave almost immediately so I forgot and you'll just have to take my word for it. Just picture Jesus.
We had a lot to do when he got home, I put him right to work building shelves, hanging curtains, landscaping our backyard etc. I'll have pictures of that coming soon. Somewhere in the chaos of it all I managed to slip away to Utah for one night while he watched Charli, to go my friend Sarah's wedding. I've known her since I was like 4 years old, so I wouldn't have missed it for anything. She looked beautiful, and things went pretty smooth. It was so great to see old friends and catch up a little bit! I wish I could have seen more of you, but hopefully soon we'll plan a really fun trip to somewhere fun!

The happy bride and groom

Hollie, Chantay, and Me. Holls and I are the pregnant lady's of the bunch, and I just have to say that she looked AMAZING!! Great to see you girls!