Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009!!!

Although it rained on us, Halloween this year was awesome! We trick-or-treated with our umbrellas, and Charli was having so much fun, I don't even think she knew or cared that she had to wear her rain boots under her little ball gown! We stared off the night, going around our neighborhood getting as much candy as possible, then headed over to Rob and Bri's house for their annual Halloween party!! It was so much fun, just like every year! I loved everyones costumes, but I'm so mad that I didn't take more pictures!! I didn't get even half of the kids, or some of the best adult costumes either!! Oh well, next year. Ok so don't judge our pumpkins, but look how disgusting that is!!! Hahaha I wanted Chris to be a part of our pumpkin carving this year, so we did them the night before he left, and by the time Halloween rolled around, they had definitely passed their prime:) SICK!

Here's my little brother-in-law Keni, who was Thomas the Train!!

A quick picture of most of the kiddo's on the couch!! Notice my little giraffe screaming his little head off.

To lazy to fix this picture of my brother-in-law Brian, who was probably the best Luigi I've ever seen! His wife Katie was a box of popcorn, and her costume was also AMAZING (she made it herself I might add) but I never got a picture of her.

Stephanie, our dead football player!

Torrin as Wolverine!

Rob and baby Robbie, as a zookeeper with his little kangaroo! Bri was also adorable in her little safari outfit, but I didn't get her picture either

And of course here's my little munchkins, who were just as cute as can be. Charli was my little princess Belle, and Brooks was a giraffe. Seriously my kids won't smile for the camera. EVER. This was my attempt on the couch, and these pictures are as close as I got. So frustrating, but whatever, I still think they're adorable:)

Seriously I took so many more pictures than that, and not one has both of them smiling. Guess I'm just not funny enough. haha
Here's a full length shot of my little Belle

And one of my baby giraffe! ...he likes to stick out his tongue