Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My little one's lately


I can hardly believe my little man is 9 months old! He's the cutest little guy, and makes me so happy that he's mine every day. Some recent happenings in his life are as follows: He can army crawl which is pretty funny to watch, Food Food Food the kid probably eats 3 times as much as Charli!! He's a super happy kid as long as I'm in sight, He LOVES our little dogs, The TV, Grass, Charli, and crinkling her papers. He's a kid that always has a plan, whether its to get something, eat something, get somewhere, or grab my earrings, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He growls and makes the craziest noises, which keeps us, and everyone around him entertained. He LOVES bath time, he gives kisses, he has 3 teeth, and he loves to cuddle! I seriously could eat this little guy up!!


I've decided my little Charli is at the best age ever! She has recently come completely out of her shell, and I can no longer call her shy. She is happy and willing to talk to ANYONE who will listen to what she was to say... which usually is A LOT! She will go on an on and on until you sometimes just have to cut her off. She loves to read books that she's memorized, color, and ride her bike! She loves to play with friends and LOVES her swim lessons! Her favorite show is Dragon Tails, and her favorite movie is a tie between UP and Princess and the Frog. She is obsessed with dress up, dancing around the house singing, and looking the the mirror..... She seriously is the funniest weirdest kid ever, and I just love her to death! She likes to wish on stars, put all her babies and animals to bed, and read them stories. She loves to point out any animal she sees, including bugs. She likes to tell different people and animals that they are her best friend in the whole world. Occasionally I get to be her best friend in the whole world, and that seriously makes my day. But most of the time, a worm in our yard, or our dog Callie gets the honor. She's newly obsessed with gum, and I often find her rummaging threw my purse to get some. She likes to put her babies in time out, and our dogs in time out.

Another random thing about Charli is her obsession with smells. All the time she is commenting on how things smell, good and bad (usually bad) and this can get really embarrassing. She even will yell from the bathroom when she's going #2, "Mommy I need to get out of here! It stinks!" So just this morning I was in my yard picking weeds with her.... my neighbor came over to say hi, and got down on Charli's level to talk to her. After telling my neighbor everything she had done so far that day, and re-introducing her little brother Brooks for the tenth time, my neighbor finally got a word in and said "wow you've had a very busy day!" Charli then responded by saying "you need to go back in your house, because your mouth smells like poop." Of course my neighbor laughed, but I was so humiliated! I mean seriously what can you say to make that right! I got mad at Charli, then I tried to explain to my neighbor that she says this all the time, and we don't know why, she just has a thing about smells, and she's always stating that everything stinks, and insisting that she can't go in places because they smell! I took Charli inside, and tried to explain that telling people their mouth smells like poop hurts their feelings, and that even if it does, you don't tell them that. Not sure anything I said sank in, but we'll keep working at it.

My sister-in-law recently said to me that Charli must be a grandmother trapped in a child's body. I think this puts it perfectly, because if you've ever talked to Charli you've heard her say lots of the following things:

You're just gonna love it!


I can't believe it!


I have an idea

let me tell you a story about Charli

Oh dear

Goodness sakes

Oh my goodness,

My names Charlotte Emery Pugmire.... but they call me Charli

That's Fantastic.

I have drip drops on my jammies

Mommy you're a wicked witch

Something stinks in here

I have the shivers

Oh and the last thing I can think of about her right now, is that she talks in the 3rd person.... all the time!

For those of you who have seen my Facebook page, You've already seen this video, but it was so funny I had to post it here too!