Monday, February 16, 2009


These pictures are primarily for Chris (who is in Alaska) to get a little update on what his daughter has been up to this last week. Lately she has really started to get into TV. She has never really been into it before, but now she walks around the house singing the Dora song, backyardagins, her favorite, the little mermaid. Ive had that movie on in the car lately, and now she is always asking about the mermaids, (in her own way) and will try and sing like Ariel. These pictures are of Charli and her cousin Bella. I walked into the playroom because they were really quiet, and this is what I saw.... Its the little mermaid of course.

She also is really into her dolls, and babies, but this baby in particular... if I ask her where her baby is, she goes and finds this one, puts it in her stroller, and pushes it around the house. She tries to feed it, and put it to bed in the dog kennel.

Its like 3 inches big.

Another favorite activity, is unloading my wallet. She loves to do this any chance she gets. This time she sat next to the dog cage, and put every last card and paper through the slot.

And finally like every kid, she can't get enough of everyone's shoes! Big or small, she'll find them, put them on, then come and show me!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sunny days... or at least non-raining days!

This last week, we were lucky enough to get a little break from the freezing cold and the rain. Its amazing how when it goes from being in the 20's to in the low 50's , you suddenly feel like summer is on its way! Here's just a few pictures of some things we did in the sun!
This isn't a great pic, and it definitely doesn't do this park justice, but I took Charli to feed the ducks down in Kirkland along lake Washington. This one park is notorious for having tons of ducks, and although you cant see them here, there must have been hundreds. She really liked it at first... or I should say when the ducks were keeping there distance, but as soon as we started to feed them, they swarmed us to the point that it made me nervous! She wasn't a fan after that, so we played on the toys, then said bye to the ducks as we left. I asked her if she wanted to feed them again before we leave, and she freaked out when I got out the bread crumbs, and kept saying "no mommy! no mommy!" Then she yelled bye bye as the ducks followed us all the way back to the car.
After the duck adventure and a good nap, my sister-in-law Katie and I took the kiddo's to Harvey Airfield to look at the planes take off and land. We lucked out, and a man actually took us all the way up to a plane, opened it up, and let the kids climb inside and push all the buttons! They loved it!
On Wednesday which was supposed to be the nicest, but also the last nice day for a while, a few of us decided to take the kids to the zoo! It was a little crazy, but they loved it! Charli especially loved the squirrels, that kept running across our path, and the seagulls, and crows that were also everywhere. She also liked to point out all the leaves on the ground, and the trees. She's so funny, of the animals that we actually paid to see, I think her favorite was a tie between the ducks (I was a little surprised she still liked them after what happened) and the snakes. When we saw the snakes, she just stood in front of the glass making snake noises, and had a pretty rough time when we had to move on.
Here she is saying "Cheese"

It might be hard to tell from this picture, but this adorable little monkey, came right up to the glass and just stayed there the whole time. His name was Simon, and he was by far my favorite animal of the day! I wanted to take him home.

All the kids with Simon!

Group picture on the hippo!

First Hair Cut...

Anyone who knows me, knows that since day 1, I have not wanted to cut Charli's hair, no matter how crazy it may look. I really don't know why, I think its because I've been so excited for it to grow long, that the thought of cutting a single hair shorter, made no sense to me. However, the time had finally come, where it was completely necessary for her own sanity. Her bangs had been in her eyes forever, and I was sick of always having to pull it back. So here she is with her new bangs! (I cut them so needless to say they're not perfect or even.)