Friday, July 10, 2009

My Birthday Girl!

I seriously can't believe that my little baby girl is 2!!!!!!!!! It really is true, that every single year goes by faster and faster, because looking back at pictures of her, I honestly wonder where the time has gone! Welp Chris is still in Alaska, so obviously we won't be celebrating her birthday until he gets back, but I did at least want to acknowledge her on her special day. Charli you will always be my little girl for as long as you live! I love you so much, and can't imagine a day in my life without you! Happy birthday sweet girl!

First day home from the hospital! July 12th 2007

First bath at home!

5 1/2 months!

1 year old!!!

18 months!

My almost 2 year old..... Two year pics coming eventually!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

So I didn't really know what to expect this year for the 4th, because once again Chris is in Alaska, and Charli is NOT a fan of loud noises. The few days before, people in our neighborhood were lighting off fireworks, and she wanted nothing to do with them! She wanted me to shut the window, and wanted me to hold her.... Anyways, it started out pretty good, here she is swimming in grandma's pool with her cousins...

Then after we all BBQ'd she got to light her first sparkler with her Uncle Rob....

Then the real fireworks began..... I ended up taking her home, and even on the drive, she covered her eyes and didn't wanna look out the window! We spent the rest of the night, literally until after midnight, curled up on the couch. She was hiding behind her elephant, didn't want me to get up, kept saying "I scarred" until finally they started to die down. Here's hoping next year she's a little braver!

Poor thing.

Summer Days!

This post is a little random, because I'm playing a little catch up so bare with me.
This was the best buy of the summer for sure!!!! Its been so hot around here, and no where but your car has air conditioning!! I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, but the other day I went to Target, and bought this little pool, and I think I officially have the happiest girl in the world!

This is Charli at the strawberry farm, where you go and pick your own strawberries, raspberries, and in the fall pumpkins!! Its really cute, they tell a little story, go on a little ride that just spins in a circle, and then go on a little trolley over to the field, where they fill up there little container with strawberries! Last year they had a petting zoo too, but I'm not sure what happened to that this year. Still fun though!

This is really random, but I just had to put it here as a little reminder that a monster truck show is NOT something I ever want to go to again!! First of all no one told me how freakin LOUD they are!!! I had ear plugs and still wanted to cover my ears! Poor Charli wouldn't let me put earplugs in her ears, so I had to cover hers the best I could with my hands and my jacket:( She really didn't seem to mind though. I guess I just didn't know what to expect, but I thought they would do more then just run over the same cars over and over again..... Not my thing I guess.

Here's us girls Me, Charli, Bree, and Katie before the show!

Jo Bro's!

Yes I am happy to admit that this is the second year in a row I've found myself at a Jonas Brothers concert, with AMAZING seats I might add!! Thank you Lindsay:) I honestly really did have a great time despite the fact that I'm 8 months prego and felt just a tad bit ridiculous... OK Kristi and I were actually getting comments like "wow you guys reeeeeally must love the Jo Bro's" Anyways I have to say that last years concert was like 10 times better than this one. I don't know if its because this one we saw here in Seattle at the lovely Tacoma Dome, that couldn't possibly be more ghetto of a venue, or if it was because Joe Jonas (the middle hot one) had this stuck-up attitude about him.... Not sure, but the energy was just a little different this time. Still fun though:)
Lindsay, Me, and Kristi

As you can tell...... Everyone was REALLY into it! Hahaha

Jordan Sparks opened the show, (after a few really funny no name bands) and was honestly amazing! She sounds so awesome live, and really has true natural talent.


Honestly I can't believe its been 4 years already!! Man we're getting old! Our anniversary was actually June 24th, so obviously I'm playing catch up a little, but I just wanted to quickly say that this last 4 years have been the best of my entire life! Looking back only makes me more excited for what is yet to come! Chris I love you so much!!!!

Utah! Brighton chair lift

Hawaii!! Oahu Sunset Beach

Cheesy engagements!

Turning point!

A few years later!! Oahu PCC