Friday, April 2, 2010

Good-bye Pluggies!!

After almost 2 1/2 years it was finally time to say good-bye to Charli's beloved "pluggie". I've been considering taking it away for so long, but she loved it so much, I couldn't bring myself to break her little heart by taking it away. But seeing what a big girl she is becoming, and realizing I'm gonna have to do it eventually, I finally decided the time had come. So I asked everyone I knew who had taken away a pacifier for all the advice they had. They gave me all sorts of Ideas! Everything from tying them to balloons and letting them float away, to having Charli trade her pluggie for a new toy, to everything im-between! She only has it at night and during nap time, and I've actually tried taking it away at nap time before, and it was seriously the saddest thing ever! She was crying in her room looking for it, took all the blankets and sheets off her bed, then finally realized it was no where to be found so just laid by the door of her room and begged for it back, mid sobs. I did the worst thing ever, gave in, and gave it back to her. I think it was worse for me then her. So I spent all this time decided exactly what I was going to do, this time and when Chris got home from Alaska I told him all about my elaborate plan. Welp to make a long story short, he put her to bed, and minutes later, comes down with her pluggie in his hand. I heard no crying, or searching. I waited, still no crying. When I asked him what in the heck he said to her, he told me that he said pluggies are for babies. He then asked her if she was a baby and she said no.... she then willingly handed it over, and that was that. I couldn't believe it! She actually slept through the night no problem and has seriously only brought it up like maybe two times since! I don't know what I would do with out my amazing husband. Only he could make things so simple.
Oh, and by the way that is a google image. My daughter does not have a diamond encrusted platinum pacifier

Whidbey Island!

For as long as I've known Chris, I've known that one of his most favorite things to do, is to go to Whidbey Island. It didn't take long, for me to love it too! They have the most beautiful property, complete with a like, and 75 acers of amazing scenery! Although for me to love it, it HAS to be nice weather. There's nothing worse then being freezing all day. Anyways when Chris got home from his last trip, we had a few really nice days, and decided to take the kids over. even the drive is fun, because you get to take a ferry there and back! We went to the property first, to roast hot dogs and have smore's for lunch, and say hi to Bill, then after riding around on their 4 wheeler thing.... (not sure what they call it, cuz it's not exactly a 4 wheeler...) we decided to go down to the beach. This is Charli's favorite, because she LOVES to look at all the tiny little crabs, and collect shells. Seriously you turn over a rock, and there is crabs everywhere. It would probably gross most people out, but Charli will pick them right up, and let them crawl across her hand!

Oh Charli!

Ok. So I know a lot of kids do this, but I seriously think it's so funny. Charli is now super into lining things up! She does it all the time, with everything, so yesterday I finally decided to take a few pictures just to remember this phase!


Not too long ago, when Chris was in Alaska, I very spontaneously decided to drive down to Oregon to visit my Dad and my brothers. It had been way to long since they had seen Charli, and as sad as this is, it was actually the first time they were going to meet Brooks. I'm so happy I went! I actually drove there and back in the same day, but it was completely worth it! Charli is still talking about Grandpa Tom, and Nick and Ben. She actually still throws them and their cats, (listing them by name) into her prayers! It was so much fun seeing how much Charli loved playing with my Dad and brothers. She was the complete center of attention, and could easily get used to that I'm sure! They loved baby Brooks, and it was so nice having everyone want to hold him, and him being the only little baby around for the day! Haha, this is sort of a joke, because there are so many babies all the time around here with all my brother and sister-in-law's living so close! This little trip made me wish so bad that my family lived even closer!
So I had to take a picture of this.... we ate lunch at this McDonalds that was right next to this park we were playing at, and I couldn't believe my eyes! It was the most gigantic play area of any fast food place I've ever seen in my life! I honestly couldn't even fit the entire thing in my camera! It went even further to the right and left! Charli loved it!

Harlem Globe Trotters

So a little while back, Chris's Dad got us all tickets to see the Harlem Globe Trotters. I'll be the first to admit that although I knew I had heard the name before, I had no idea what they were, or what they did. Chris was in Alaska, so when I asked him what to expect he said it was like "the circus of basketball"... so... I was really excited to take Charli, because hearing the word "circus" put all kinds of crazy ideas into my head. Like elephants, animals, and clowns doing crazy tricks with basketballs or something. I felt like the biggest idiot ever.
It was still really fun, he got a huge suite at the Comcast Arena with all sorts of food and deserts, and the kids loved seeing each other and running around the place. I had fun watching the show/game, and thought it was pretty cool. I only took a couple pictures, but you get the idea.