Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Back in the middle of April, my younger Brother Ben left on his mission to Tulsa Oklahoma. This mission actually covers Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Arkansas. We were able to go down to Oregon to his farewell, to see my family and wish him luck!! Ben is going to be an amazing missionary. He is more than ready, and has one amazing and powerful testimony of the gospel. No one forced, or bribed, or even talked him into going at all, it was completely his own decision, and was and is so excited to be serving the Lord! We're so proud of you Ben!!!!
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I don't know what happened to some of these pictures, but the quality got all messed up. Here is Ben and Charli

Charli and my youngest sister Anna

My brother Nick, my Dad, Chris and sleeping Brooks, and Ben.

Ben and my Dad

Ben 3 days before leaving!!!

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